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It shouldn’t be called meet and greet it should be called pay and hey

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It was an impulsive act because i heard the news that there will be a meet for everyone who bought the ticket. For me that is some hell of an opportunity to finally meet the people who gets me even they dont know me. So fuck everything and i fucking went to their concert and it was awesome and i am so happy to meet, hugged and talked yo each of them. The concert was awesome, better than the Pioneer tour, they played all the songs that i wanted to hear live except for saving grace but it is still awesome and i am so happy
I promise, i will work harder so i can afford the pulp royalty shiznets when you come back Awesome 3of52 But hell this made my year already


Set list from 8123 Manila!


Sometimes I just need to remind myself that Booty Break was a thing.

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with the guitar techs of paramore after concert last Feb. dahil wala kong picture with band members sa crew na lang hahaha maka-picture lang :)) and feeling ko na-handshake ko na rin sina jerms, hayles and tay sa kanila - kilegs to the bones! #flashbackFriday #parathrilla #paramore

to all the fresh graduates out there!

to all the fresh graduates out there!

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I made a new mouse cursor of Adam’s face..

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I love this app ♥ goodreads helps me track my favorite authors and series. No need for me to go to the nearest bookstore just to search for my next favorite book. Bravo Otis Chandler!

BAZOOKA ROCKS 2 : Tonight Alive meet and greet

These guys are in a band called “Tonight Alive” and if I’m in the music industry I will proudly say that “they’re one of my influences”. I met them and HUG them all last Aug. 25, 2013 at BazookaRocks (this is super late post) but didn’t had the chance to take a photo with them because of the OP security (so over protective). So before I forget what happened and what I felt like that day, I think posting about it is something I needed to do.

So here it goes…

The meet and greet sched for Tonight Alive was at 11:30am, me and my concert buddies are still outside of SMX by then (we were there as early as 9am! - screw the system!) and I was feeling scared and angry and excited all at the same time. Scared because I was afraid that I’d miss the chance of meeting my heroes, angry because of the stupid system at the event, excited because it’s a rock show!

We got in at the venue, finally! (something I learned about BRFII, was pretending to be younger will make your entrance at the venue way earlier than the not-so-young anymore.) I saw some of my parafamily and took a quick “hi” to them (I’m sure they don’t know me but I said hi anyway - I’m so happy!). As soon as I entered, I automatically searched for merch booths and a VEEEERY LONG LINE welcomed me. Surely, some people went to BRF just for the merch and not so much care for the first bands playing. I checked the time schedule for the meet and greet at the information booth instead and was running out of breath as I asked the info guy for the sched and he pointed me that the band is already there meeting, greeting, signing, and hugging their fans (OH MY GOSH!!!) I panicked! I ran and forgot about my concert buddies, thankfully we didn’t lost each other as they were watching me do the fangirling. HAHAHA. While I was in line for the m&g, I stood frozen and panic washes over me as I realized that I am not holding anything like thos people in front of me, then I remembered, THIS IS A FUCKING MEET AND GREET AND A CHANCE FOR A SIGN!! I asked my buddies for anything in their bags that’s good for signing, and I ended up with an iPad and my fast pass ticket to be signed.

Heto na talaga…

At last! I’m in front of Whakaio!! (ANG GWAPO NYA SHETTE!!!) I was frozen for a few seconds then remembered the salakot I prepared for him (the traditional hat wore by Filipino farmers). I said “hi! Gosh! How can you be so handsome?!” and then he smiled at me and said “thank you, how are you? I’ll see you later tonight!” and then smiled at me again and we hugged!! I hugged him so tight!!! (SHIT MY FEELS!!!)

Anyway, I cannot just let Cam wait and stare how I take Whakaio’s spirit. (If you know what I mean. Mehehe) So I said “hi” and hugged him immediately since I wasn’t ready to move on after my intense moment with Whakaio. I asked him the dumbest question while pointing to his nose ring, “It doesn’t hurt?” he smiled at me and said “nope blah-blah-blah” (lol. The aussie accent took over and I just pretended he said he loves me. Lol) and just to make our convo a little more memorable, I asked him if I could touch his nose ring and he did let me ❤

Jenna was smiling as she watches me touch Cam’s nose ring. (GOSH!!! JENNA IN FRONT OF ME!! DID THAT REALLY HAPPENED?? SMILING AT ME!! OH MY GOSH!!! WAAAAHHHH!!!) I just said “hi Jenna, you’re so beautiful” with teary eyes (THIS IS ANOTHER ANSWERED PRAYER, PRAISE GOD!) she replied to me with “thank you! how are you? I’ll see you later tonight” while she’s saying these to me all I could muster from my within was to stare at her. I looked her in the eye, her nose, her nose ring, her hair, how flat her hair was, how shiny her blond hair in the light, her skin (FLAWLESS!!!) she makes me wish I was her! she’s like a living barbie doll with a nose ring in a simple orange shirt and a ripped skinny light blue jeans. Her smile never wore off as I look at her and I just can’t take my eyes off her! But I have to move on and meet Matt (GOSH! I DIDN’T WANT THIS TO END! TAKE ME WITH YOU!)

And then there goes Matt, giving that super delly smile in front of me. I wanted to ask him if I could have his cap but didn’t in the end since I don’t have something for him in return (thanks to @daneearq, the prepared tampipi for Matt wasn’t with me - huhubels) so I just said “Hi Matt” with my sincerest smile and he said “hallo” back (aussie accent - howie pottah? haha) and then we hugged.

My time for Jake came and he’s the last, so it’s kind of sad. He was just watching me finish my hug with Matt and then we said “hi” to each other and hugged. He asked me “how are you?” and I answered with “I’m so excited!” with the most energetic voice I had (crazy fangirl mode). Before I left the meet and greet booth I asked Jenna if she could signed my arms and she did with that beautiful seducing smile!! (OH MY GOSH!!!)

I jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped and jumped with my buddies. I was so happy for that short time experience of meeting my heroes. We’ve let ourselves calm down before joining the crowd in RadioDriveBy’s set. They were so awesome on stage - their music makes me dance and dance and dance and dance and suddenly realized that…SHIT! I STILL HAVE MY GIFTS FOR JENNA!!! OH MY GOSH!!!

I ran back to the booth and they were about to go (THANK GOD! ATLEAST THEY WERE STILL THERE). Many were there attempting to do a selfie with the band or just simply take their photos, and I still don’t know how I managed to get through those people near the back stage door. I waited for Jenna and gave her my letter and the signed copy of my favorite local band’s album Gracenote (support OPM, I support @gracenotejam) and she’s gone. The End.

Fall Out Boy dudes last Aug. 8, 2013 😍 #FlashbackFriday


Feb. 14, 2013

The day before Paramore’s concert. Everyone is raving about it. Except me…

Paramore is one of the major reasons why I formed a band. I’ve been listening to them ever since I was in High School. I still remember their video, “My Heart”, which I first watched on Youtube. I became…

We’re just fanboys who got a chance.



Following back everyone until I find a tumblr girlfriend ♡

Ang saraaaaaap

  • me: they're real
  • me: they're REAL
  • me: I love them
  • me: I'm going to cry
  • me: omg
  • me: what
  • me: they're real